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Optimising our brain and behaviour

Multiple research labs (including my own labs at the Universities of Oxford and Surrey) have used painless and safe neurostimulation techniques to alter brain function and responsiveness in order to enhance human behaviour. This work led to a key discovery: namely, my students and I noticed that not everyone benefited from such brain-based interventions. I have therefore, teamed up with computer scientists to personalise and maximise the behavioural gain for individuals, by integrating artificial intelligence with neurostimulation. I founded Cognite Neurotechnology Ltd in 2021 to further the scientific and commercial implementation of our research findings. Many individuals and organisations have been involved in this journey, including Sam Harman, Dr Harry Sieratzki, Dr Vu Nguyen, Rami Shacour, my students Malin Karstens and Delia Ciobotaru, the Universities of Surrey and Oxford, and my family.